BC Election Candidates – Questionnaire

Our Elections Officer, Megan Seymour, has posed the following set of questions to our candidates.

Stephanie Goudie – NDP Candidate – BC Election – Peace River South 2017 – PRSTA Questionnaire

Mike Bernier (BC Liberal Candidate – Peace River South) – has not responded yet.
They will be added as soon as we have his responses!

1. We face significant issues with recruitment of qualified and specialist teachers in our region. This has a direct and detrimental impact on student learning. What policies would you implement to ensure our districts our adequately staffed, and that our students are not getting short-changed?

2. Retention is also an issue that we in the North are facing more and more as young people come into our area, gain a few years of experience, and proceed to move elsewhere in the province or into Alberta to continue their careers. Especially in the case of teachers moving into Alberta it is a case of higher salary with similar or lower cost of living. How would you help ensure that the quality teachers we do recruit stay in our area to raise families, buy houses, and create that consistency for our students?

3. How will you make sure educational inclusion is done effectively in our region?

4. What is your view on class size and composition and how do you plan to ensure that this critical aspect of our education system is guaranteed?

5. How will you fight to make sure teachers have sufficient specialist support and all students are given the support needed to reach their potential?

6. BC is under going a massive shift in its curriculum.What is your view on current assessment practices and how this is reported to parents, guardians, post-secondary institutions, and other stakeholders?

7. With the new, more innovative curriculum, what do you see as important areas to focus funding on as elementary teachers continue to need support and secondary teachers roll it out in their subject areas?

8. Over the last 10 years funding to independent schools has increased 92% while funding to public schools has only increased by 19%(from cbc.ca, Vancouver Sun and Ministry of Education). What is your position on the use of public funds for independent schools?

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