Dear Teachers,

WE are celebrating the one-year anniversary of their Supreme Court win!

One year after the BC Teachers’ Federation’s landmark victory that ordered the restoration of our pre-2002 collective agreement, teachers in South Peace are celebrating the positive changes that have come to our schools as a result.

“Since the BCTF’s Supreme Court victory, on November 10, 2016, teachers in South Peace have been working hard to ensure our restored collective agreement language is implemented correctly to ensure students see improvements to their learning conditions and our members see improvements to their working conditions.  In SD #59 alone, we’ve seen some significant improvements that are having a positive impact for teachers and students.

The improvements and gains for our schools and district include:

  • an increase of 28 FTE teaching positions
  • a teacher-librarian position in every school site, an increase of teachers in the learning assistance positions, as well as just over 2 ELL and 1 district helping teachers in the district
  • expanded school spaces (1 portable) and increased amount of classes in at least three schools
  • approximately $2.8 million+ new dollars in funding for the school district

After 16 years of cuts and under-funding, it’s refreshing and exciting to see resources flowing back into our schools. The restored collective agreement, has had an overall positive impact in our schoolsThe next step is to keep meeting with the school district to continue to implement the changes necessary, address the shortfall issues and work together on the recruitment and retention challenges we face here in School District #59.

For more information contact the local Union office or Elaine at 250-782-1284.

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