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DCTA AGM June 13th, 2016

Please join us!

3:20PM at Ecole Frank Ross

BCTF is on Youtube

BCTF Youtube Channel
BC’s teachers are working for better schools for our students: smaller class sizes, more support for special needs, and more learning specialist teachers.

Census 2016 Jobs

Want to make some extra money? Know someone who does? See the attached flyer for upcoming Census jobs.

Working & Learning Survey Results

Results from the Working & Learning Survey.
The different grade levels are represented in the same order as they are listed in the legend.

Gayla Langmuir,
Working and Learning Conditions Rep

Pension Consultations Fall 2015

Our BCTF Teacher’s Pension is going to change!

BUT The BCTF needs our help and input before they make any final decisions.
 Please take the time to visit the BCTF Pension Consultations 2015 page for information 
on the 5 different options, how they impact you and others, videos to help you understand, 
and contact information to ask questions.

THEN take the Pensions Consultations 2015 SURVEY so that you have your say.

The consultations have closed. Results will follow.

UPDATE: March 4th 2016 – BCTF > Pensions

UPDATE: March 12th 2016 – Pension Consultations Results”>BCTF > Pension Consultations Results
 – The new pension plan package will be voted on at the March 12-15th AGM