Pension Presentation April 30th at South Peace

Please read carefully!

As some of you are aware, Victor Choy from the BCTF is coming to Dawson on Sunday April 30.  He will be doing a short information presentation Sunday, April 30th.  People are invited to attend, with refreshments being served starting at 4:30 PM and Victor’s presentation starting near 5 PM (his flight doesn’t arrive in Dawson until 3:55.  His presentation is about 1-2 hours and then he will be available for individual consultations.  Information about what “paper work” you would need before meeting with Victor individually was sent out to Staff Reps at each school a couple of weeks ago.

On Monday May 1 Victor will be doing a re-cap of his presentation on Sunday for those teachers from Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd wanting to attend.  He will then continue to meet with individuals from 10 AM until 1:20 PM when he needs to prepare to fly out.  We will try to make the slots after his Monday session available to out of town people.  You will need to leave your other PD session, slip out and meet with Victor and then return to your session.

Please, only take Victor’s Monday session if you are from Tumbler or Chetwynd or if there is no way you can attend on the Sunday during the full presentation.

All presentations and consultations will be done at SPSS for both days.

If you are attending Sunday’s Presentation, please let me know as I need an idea of how much “refreshment” is needed that evening!!!

If you wish to have an consultation with Victor please contact me as I have a schedule started.

Elaine Fitzpatrick

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