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Offering Educational Opportunities for our Students

After ensuring that our members and their families are safe, our next priority will be providing a continuing of educational opportunities for all students.
The Ministry of Education and stakeholders like the BCTF has put together a framework document called Supporting the K-12 Education Response to Covid-19 in BC. Another document specifically for teachers is called Continuity of Learning: Planning Guide for Teachers. These documents have been forwarded to all Staff Reps in our Local.
Both of these documents recognize that the rest of the school year will look differently, but that teachers will do their best to meet the needs of their students. This will involve utilizing a variety of platforms and methods. In some cases, that may be offering learning opportunities online; for others it may be using more traditional resources.
We want to thank everyone for their patience as we prepare to provide a continuity of learning for our students. We know it has been a difficult time for everyone involved. By working together, we will find the way forward to best support the students and families of our district.

Tentative Agreement Reached

Our BCTF Bargaining Team achieved a tentative agreement with the employer group BC Public School Employers’ Association on March 26, 2020. The BCTF Executive Committee is recommending that we ratify this agreement.

This has been a complex and challenging round of negotiations at the provincial and local levels.

Expect to hear all the details as soon as possible. Of course, everything has been somewhat complicated by our inability to get together and communicate the changes and improvements. However, the BCTF will be sending out an e-mail to members directly once the documents are ready to be reviewed. Terri Mooring will also be updating the membership once all the final details are complete.

An email was sent out to all members who had provided the BCTF with their personal e-mail. There were improvements to Recruitment and Retention, some salary gains, some improvements to language around equity, and most importantly for our PRSTA members, there were no concessions of the restored language.

Other information about the agreement and ratification will be sent to members through their personal e-mail. If you have not been receiving information about the tentative settlement through your personal e-mail, please sign up through the BCTF at Then click on the Member Portal to register.

Locally, arrangements will be made to present information about the new collective agreement to our members. Information will be coming soon.

The SD59 Board of Education Gives a Shout Out to All Employees

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